A Unicorn Themed Party

Unicorns are well-known mythical creatures. Many children adore unicorns and planning a unicorn-themed party can encourage them to express their creativity and imagination. Given the popularity of unicorns, here are some ideas for throwing a Unicorn Themed Party.

A Unicorn Themed Party with Goodie Bags, Rainbow Decorations, Food, and Games.

Unicorns are well-known mythical creatures. Many children adore Unicorns! Here's how to throw a Unicorn Party.

Unicorn Goodie Bags

Goodie bags make great party favors for any type of celebration. Candy and small trinkets that fit in the bag are usually included in goodie bags. A white paper bag and other accessories can be used to custom make unicorn goodie bags. Any Unicorn Party would benefit from these DIY Goodie Bags.


Rainbow Decoration (Balloons & Streamers)

Rainbows and unicorns are commonly associated; rainbows are a natural phenomena that, like unicorns, are thought to be magical. A rainbow would be the perfect addition to a Unicorn party. As a party decoration, balloons and streamers can be utilized to make a rainbow. Both white balloons and rainbow-colored streamers can be used to give the illusion of a rainbow scattering from a cloud, or matching rainbow-colored balloons can be used to line up with the color streamers to create the illusion of a rainbow at your Unicorn party. The rainbow’s colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet; these can also be the colors of the balloons and/or streamers for your party.

Unique Inflatable Dude

Consider Unique if you want a unicorn present during your themed celebration! Inflatable Dudes® has a unicorn kids punching bag. Unique can be used as a party decoration, a fun game, or both! This bop bag stands 47 inches tall and is made of durable material, making Unique suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The sand-filled bottom allows for optimal bounce-back action. Unique also comes with three inflatable rings to use with her horn in a ring toss game. This Unicorn Punching Bag is the ideal accessory to any Unicorn Party!

Unicorn Hair/Fur

Consider serving Blue and Pink Cotton Candy as “Unicorn Fur” at a Unicorn party for a lovely treat. Cotton Candy is delicious and is already designed to appear like a unicorn’s hair. Cotton Candy can be included in goodie bags or simply served as a sweet treat at a party.


Unicorn Cupcakes

Cupcakes can quickly be transformed into Unicorn cupcakes by adding a little ice cream cone to the top. The Unicorn horn is made from a waffle ice cream cone, and other decorations such as ears and eyelashes can be added to make Unicorn cupcakes. These cupcakes are perfect for a Unicorn party because they may be served as the main dessert.

Inflatable Dudes® Double-Sided Target Bag Games

Consider Unique & Kuno’s Double-Sided Target Bag in addition to your Unique Inflatable Dude. Unique, the unicorn, appears on one side of the bag, whereas Kuno, the ninja, appears on the other. This inflatable bag is also 47 inches tall and comes with two sides with 3 targets on each. Punch and kick the targets! Throw bean bags and plush balls at the targets! See which kids can hit the most targets in a set amount of time. The amount of games that can be created are endless!  Unique & Kuno’s Double-Sided Target Bag would be perfect for a Unicorn Party as added decoration and for fun party activities.


Unicorn Piñata

Piñatas are another popular party decoration. Piñatas are decorative animal figures with toys and/or candy inside. Piñatas are suspended in the air and then broken open by blindfolded children swinging sticks. At a Unicorn themed party, a Unicorn Piñata would be a fantastic way to celebrate.


Pin the Tail on the Unicorn Game/Pin the Horn on the Unicorn

For decades, pin the tail on the donkey has been a traditional and popular party game. Pin the Tail on the Unicorn and Pin the Horn on the Unicorn are the same game as Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but with a twist! This would be a fantastic game to play during a unicorn-themed party. You can print and cut out a Pin the Tail on the Unicorn or a Pin the Horn on the Unicorn game using various print-outs/printables accessible online.

These are just a few suggestions for a Unicorn-themed party. We’d love to see your themed birthday parties, and if you include any of the Inflatable Dudes®, tag us @inflatabledudes or use the hashtag #INFLATABLEDUDES on Instagram or Facebook.