Double Sided Fun with Inflatable Dudes®!

Double Sided Fun with Inflatable Dudes®

Inflatable Dudes® Double Sided Target Bags with Unique and Kuno. Activities for Double Sided Target Bag and more fun.

Introducing our new Unique and Kuno Double-Sided Target Bag providing Double Sided Fun! Everyone can now have a target bag with their favorite Inflatable Dudes® characters, Unique the Unicorn and Kuno the Ninja Girl. 

The new target bag is 47 inches tall, just like the Ninja and Rex Double-Sided Target Bag. Our target bag is manufactured with high-quality vinyl that is both cool and heat resistant, ensuring long-term durability. The vinyl material can withstand extreme heat and cold, making it ideal for outdoor use throughout the year! The bag can be easily inflated thanks to the double lock air valve and the weighted bottom allows for optimal bounce-back action. For boxing, kicking, tackling, and a variety of other activities, Inflatable Dudes® Unique and Kuno Double-Sided Target Bag comes packed with sand for added stability making it one of the best kids punching bags on the market. 

Activities for Double-Sided Target Bag 

There are many different ways you can have fun with Unique and Kuno’s Double-Sided Target Bag.

Punching and Kicking

The inflatable punching bag is a terrific way for kids to get some exercise because it allows them to practice punching and kicking by aiming exactly for the targets around the bag.

Target Practice Games

Kids can play target practice games with Unique & Kuno’s Double-Sided Target bag using bean bags, plush balls, or smaller balls. The inflatable bag allows children to have fun while throwing bean bags and/or balls at targets. It’s even possible to turn this into a game. Someone should keep track of the throwing and score who hits the most targets. Whoever scores the most points wins! Perfect for activities at a birthday party.

Due to the innovative sand-filled base that keeps your target standing up, Unique and Kuno’s Double-Sided Target bag always bounce back up! Enjoy!