Fun Games and activities with your Inflatable Dudes®

It’s always fun games and activities with your Inflatable Dudes® and whether you are practicing you Batting or Pitching, Skating, and Ring Toss you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Fun games and activities with your Inflatable Dudes®

Fun games and activities - Sports Toss, Unique Ring Toss, Sports Practice, Pitching and Batting.

Here is a fun game to play with the Rex and Nobi’s Sports Toss:

“Back It Up!” Ball Throw

  1. Place Rex and Nobi’s Sports Toss in a secure location.
  2. By going back in a straight line, mark a line on the ground with tape or chalk a few feet away from the inflatable punching bag.
  3. To play, take turns tossing the balls from behind the marked line towards the targets on the inflatable bags.
  4. As the players improve, move the indicated line backward and try again.

Another fun game to play with a Unique Punching Bag and Ring toss!

Ring Toss Race

  1. Back away from your Unicorn Inflatable Dude in a straight line. Create a line on the ground using tape or chalk.
  2. Starting at the designated line, race to the Inflatable Dude while balancing the inflatable ring(s) on your head.
  3. Race to see who can be the first to aim and throw at their inflatable ring onto the ring toss of the Unicorn. Whoever hits the target first wins.
  4. To make this game more challenging, change the rules — hop to the end on one leg, balance two inflatable rings on your head, race with a ring on a ruler or wooden spoon, etc.

Sports Practice


Inflatable Dudes® punching bags can be used to practice sports. Skating, rollerblading, or skating on a skateboard can be utilized to practice turning, balance, and other skating fundamentals by skating around the inflatable punching bag(s).

Pitching and Batting Skills

Inflatable Dudes® can help to develop pitching and batting skills by using the Rex and Nobi’a Double-Sided Sports Toss. Despite the fact that no genuine baseball or baseball bat is being used. The Rex and Nobi’s Double-Sided Sports Toss can be used to improve throwing and batting fundamentals in sports such as baseball, softball, cricket, and others. Of course, use the Ninja side of the inflatable bag!With Inflatable Dudes®, users can play a variety of games and practice for various sporting activities. These are only a few ideas. We invite you to use the hashtag “#INFLATABLEDUDES” on Instagram to share different games and sporting activities that may be played with our Inflatable Dudes®!