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Rex Punching Bag

Ninja Punching Bag

Double Sided Target Bag

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Rex Punching Bag

New Friend

My 3 Year Old is very energetic and very rough, bought this thinking we will see how long it lasts. So far we have hit pounced jumped on it but the dinosaur is still standing!

Yosuke Sho

This T-Rex is Dino-Mite!

We are an outdoor dinosaur theme park and have Midway games where kids get to play carnival type games and win prizes. We needed an inflatable dinosaur with a weighted bottom and this T-Rex worked perfectly. It would have been better if it weren’t bright orange but kids love it and that’s what matters. It is sturdy, holds up in the wind, was cost effective and arrived quickly. We would buy it again. Definitely recommend.

Field Station: Dinosaurs

Durable- Adorable- my son LOVES this toy!!!

My son LOVES this. He’s an only child and I’m an older (and sick) single mother. I can’t get on the ground and play with him. This was an Xmas present and it has not disappointed! My son doesn’t just punch or kick it he tackles it. I would’ve expected it to pop by now but it’s a tough toy! Great way for him to let his energy loose. Btw. He is 4 years old.


Worth the price!

I chose this inflatable for my karate obsessed 4 year old because I wanted something that would be durable and that came weighted. Cheaper bop bags have always ended up tearing or leaving a puddle of water on the floor. This one comes with the sand already sealed in a bottom compartment. It’s heavier and It bounces back easily and consistently. It costs a bit more, but I got my money’s worth.

Amazon Customer

Ninja Punching Bag


Let me just say, I LOVE THIS THING. My daughter’s energy is sometimes hard to tame, so I originally bought her a cheap one of these things at a local store. It was a disaster with our last one, but my girl loved the idea. I went searching and found this one, and we LOVE IT. I blew it up with our air mattress pump in 3-5 minutes. The character is adorable, and the material is SO STRONG. AND the base comes weighted already so there’s no annoying filling of anything except blowing it up. My child jumps on it, rolls on it, wrestles, punches, kicks, throws, tackles. It’s probably never going to be deflated. We’ve named ours Kevin. He’s probably going to be in our Christmas card. It’s GREAT.


Endless fun for energetic kids

The kids love whacking this thing with foam swords and lightsabers. It keeps them from fighting each other! I used a small plug-in air pump and it took 2 minutes to inflate. Great for indoor and outdoor play.

The Howingtons

Fun Toy, but AMAZING Customer Service

Bought this guy for my son, who loved it. Loved it so much we go a hole (or 10?) and I couldn’t fix it. Spoken with someone at the company a time or two, they gave me some great ideas on how to fix it (as it was out of stock for replacing) temporarily, and then sent me a replacement when it was available. I chatted with the same person multiple times and they were very nice and helpful. I love the ‘small company’ vibe I got – they actually care about each customer! If you’re debating purchasing this, get it. It’s very fun for kids and you’ll support an honestly kind company.


Great customer service and good product

Initial ninja arrive with hole and slow leak- contacted customer service and replacement arrived here within 2 days of email- that ninja and boxing gloves have taken a serious beating by my 7 and 3 year old and held up, without need for additional inflating, for 3 weeks so far! Would recommend for great customer service and good product!

Colleen Connolly

Double Sided Target Bag

Appreciate the quality of the product and reading the words from the company owner!

I’m so glad we chose this one! I picked it because of the numerous positive reviews… but also the few that were damaged talked about an easy return/replace. Well, ours came with a tiny slow leak. I sent for a return. Done flawlessly. New one came withing days. But it also gave me the chance to read about the company owner & policy. Loved! I will continue buying from this company. My kids are LOVING this bag. It’s durable. Responsive. It does exactly what it is supposed to!


Fun For The Whole Family

It has been non-stop fun! One of the ways my son and daughter love using this, is as an obstacle when playing world’s most amazing catches in the house with their dad. We had one small issue and the seller was extremely responsive and we were able to resolve our issue. Spectacular customer service! And loads of fun. We have purchased a few things as entertainment during COVID-19. This purchase is the most used!


Great product

This is a very durable product. Well worth the little extra money. All others have only lasted a couple of days. My grandson opened it onXmas and it’s still going strong, through bouncing on it, hitting it with a plastic baseball bat and everything in between. If it breaks, I will definitely buy another

Don Gentile

There is sand in the bottom that weighs it down

Amazing! My daughter loves this thing and she totally wails on it lol. She has been really into being a ninja lately and loves to practice her ninja moves on this punching bag- great purchase


Double Sided Sports Toss

Fantastic Product!

The kids LOVE this! Opened as an early Christmas gift and the kids have been having a blast!


Already filled with sand, easy to blow up!

The picture says it all! I ordered this for my six-year-old son and he was so excited when he threw the first ball into the Ninja Baseball Dude! It took only a matter of minutes to inflate the catcher using a cordless air pump. The balls are soft and more the size of softballs instead of baseballs but easy to squeeze and relatively safe to throw inside. The ninja dude makes a good punching bag as well once you have thrown the three balls. Some of the balls would bounce off the catcher and you could try to catch them. Nice size at 5 feet and you can store the balls inside the net.


Fun for the whole Family!

Great activity toy to get kids moving, interactive, and away from their devices! 3 balls included. Easy assembly, esp with a electric inflater. Base is already filled with sand! Practicing aiming, throwing, etc. Increase difficulty but rocking the catcher and increasing throwing distance. Can also use as a punching bag. Cool design! Good durable quality. My kids are having a lot of fun with it!


Great quality!

We absolutely love our Rex football toss! Our 2 and 4 year olds favorite toy! It comes with 3 footballs and sand in the bottom for a quick bounce back after you tackle or push it. Great quality!!!! Highly recommend!

Lyndsey Perry

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