Inflating your Inflatable Dudes®

Inflatable Dudes® punching bags should be fully inflated for optimal performance and as a safety precaution. A double-lock air valve is included with the inflatable dudes punching bags to keep them inflated throughout indoor and outdoor use. Having difficulty inflating your Inflatable Dudes®?

Follow these instructions to properly inflate your Inflatable Dudes® punching bags:

Inflating your Inflatable Dudes®

Inflatable Dudes® should be fully inflated for optimal performance and as a safety precaution.

  • Locate the double-lock air valve before properly inflating. (To inflate, it is recommended to use an electric or manual air pump; air pumps aren’t included with the Inflatable Dudes products.) 
  • Place the air pump nozzle inside the first air valve after you’ve found it. Fill it up with air so that it is almost fully inflated. You will know when it is almost full of air when the Punching Bag becomes firm and is able to stand up on its own without support.
  • Now, Close the first air valve. Some air may escape before being able to close the first air valve. This is okay. Make sure the first air valve is properly closed tight. Now fill the second air valve with air, by mouth, until it is totally full. The second air valve will assist you by stopping any more air from escaping the bag.

  • Close the second air valve cover after you’ve finished, and double-check that both valves are completely closed securely. You may now also push the valves down into the bag to stop it from accidentally opening up when during play.
  • Your Inflatable Dudes® punching bag is now ready to use. Have fun!

When you are ready to deflate simply pull the double-lock air valve open and let all the air out until you are able to fold the Punching Bag back into its proper storage. Make sure to keep the deflated punching bag stored safely inside the box.


Q: How do I inflate my Inflatable Dudes®?