Ninja Themed Birthday Party

Ninja Themed Birthday Party featuring Nobi the Ninja and/or Kuno the Ninja Girl!

While black party streamers from your local dollar store may suffice, we have some suggestions for a effective Ninja themed birthday party.

Ideas for a cost-efficient Ninja Themed Birthday Party

Ninja Themed decorations - Ninja Themed decorations. Ninja Themed Birthday Party.

Use Blue or Pink colored decorations for the party.           

Blue or Pink party decorations would be the perfect background colors for a Ninja-themed Birthday party. Use Black as the main theme color. The color black can be paired with the colors blue or pink (or both!) to match Nobi or Kuno, kids punching bags from Inflatable Dudes® (View Ninja Themed Party Games section).

Curl Party Streamers

After choosing the theme colors for the party, decorate with curled party streamers to give off a festive look. Here’s how to curl party streamers. 

    1. Purchase crepe paper streamers the color of the chosen party theme. 
    2. Fold the open end of your streamer roll 1 inch and tape it in place.
    3. Tape your streamer to a wall or other suitable surface.
    4. Cut your streamer to the desired length with scissors.
    5. Slowly twist your streamer in a clockwise direction until you reach the edge of the wall or the desired spot.
    6. Fold the streamer and tape the end of the twisted streamer to the wall.

Chinese Takeout Box Party Favor  

Another creative decoration idea for a Ninja Birthday party is using Chinese take-out boxes as a creative Ninja Party Favor!

  • Fill takeout boxes with small candies and/or other small items that can be considered party favors. Hand out as a party favor to guests in a unique way by using Takeout boxes as gift bags. You can tie chopsticks on the top of the boxes to complete the look.

Don’t let your party guest get bored! If your party guests are ages 3 to 10 they probably get bored easily. Add a Ninja or Ninja girl punching bag as one of your party games! Kids Punching Bags are a popular item that can keep kids entertained for hours. With a Ninja, punching bag party guests can act as Ninjas safely by punching and kicking the Ninja punching bag. Inflatable Dudes® offers durable kids punching bags for indoor and outdoor play. The kids punching bags are filled with sand so they quickly pop back up when struck down. We have Ninja options which can include a boy or a girl. Perfect for any Ninja-themed party!


Add a Trampoline for another fun game!

Include a small trampoline to allow for a fun game of bouncing the Ninjas. Kids can take a break from punching and kicking the inflatable bags and instead bounce Nobi and Kuno as high as they can on a trampoline.


Quick Costume Party

Purchase bandanas. Allow guests to or cut eye holes into bandanas for party-goers to wear. Visitors can enjoy their own Ninja masks with bandanas. This allows party guests to dress up in costume to match the theme of the party, swiftly transforming a Ninja-themed Birthday Party into a Ninja Costume Party.

Order Pizza!

Instead of spending all day in the kitchen, we recommend digging into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ favorite meal, Pizza! Ordering pizza not only saves time but can be cost-efficient versus cooking for many guests. Plus we think it’s a very Ninja theme appropriate to enjoy pizza time!


Bake and Decorate Ninja-themed cookies.

Cookies are a party dessert favorite! We recommend baking cookies and decorating them as either Nobi or Kuno. Test out your art skills by baking Ninja cookies for your party. (Example included from @inflatabledudes on Instagram)

After baking cookies of your choice, you can use a piping bag and frosting to decorate them.

  • Fill piping bags with Ninja theme colored decorative frosting.
  • Use a piping bag with a small tip to outline the shape of the cookie. 
  • While holding the piping bag, draw with the tip using your other hand as a guide.
  • Squeeze the bag’s top delicately. Set the cookie aside to dry after you’ve finished.
  • When you’ve completed the base color, set the cookie aside to dry. Let the base color dry slightly before continuing decorating.
  • To decorate the cookies, repeat the process of using piping bags.
  • Make the Ninja eyeballs out of small candies or add sprinkles for more fun.


These are just a few ideas for hosting a Ninja-themed Birthday Party. If you throw a Ninja party with Nobi or Kuno tag us in your party festivities on Instagram or Facebook! @Inflatabledudes