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Frequently asked questions


Q: Can I order outside of the United States?

We currently only ship domestically from our website. However, you can order our products internationally from our Amazon Store. View our Amazon store >  

Q: How do I inflate my Inflatable Dudes®?

Q: How do I find a hole and repair my Inflatable Dudes®?

Q: What is Inflatable Dudes® Return Policy?


Refund & returns policy



Inflatable Dudes® offers 100% customer satisfaction. Our extensive 90 day return policy helps customers be satisfied and confident with their purchase. They feel reassured that we stand by our products. We expect our products to be able to handle wear and tear from kids and have no problem replacing products that are factory defects or not what you expected. Customers tend to receive replacement products within 3-5 days of reaching out to us.  

90 day return policy

90 Day Return Policy: Defective product? Please contact us within 90 days of the purchase date, and you will receive your choice of a replacement product or full refund.  

30 day Amazon return policy

30 Day Amazon Return Policy: If you purchased your product on Amazon and you want a return or refund, you can contact Amazon customer support and it will be resolved immediately. If it is after Amazon’s 30 day policy, simply contact us through here and we will still help resolve your issue because of our company’s 90 day policy.